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paintchallenge's Journal

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Welcome to Paintchallenge, a brand new Livejournal community. As the title infers, paintchallenge is a community that challenges it's members to make an illustration using Microsoft Paint (Or Paintbrush for Mac users). A new challenge will be posted every Saturday, giving members of the community a new subject to try their best to interpret using only Microsoft Paint or Paintbrush. Challenges can range from a very specific topic, to a topic that can be interpreted in different ways. Challenges will be posted here. Members of the paintchallenge community can suggest as many challenges as they please by commenting on the aforementioned Challenge Page.

The week before the last day of the month, we will open up a forum that will allow members to nominate one another's art by commenting on the nomination post. Nominations should be based on any of the challenges posted in that month. Think about style, creativity, and whether it is an abstract, or direct take on the challenge. The member with the most nominations will win. There will be one winner: Painter of the Month, and three honorable mentions. The winner's art will be featured on our profile for the entirety of the next month, along with their user name - this means free publicity!

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paintchallenge will open July 3rd! If you would like to join now, feel free and you will be accepted on opening day.

Check out sweetcreeps for graphics.

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